Beth Preston has always been one to follow her instincts, musically speaking…  but it wasn’t until she began writing the tracks for her upcoming album (due to be released this fall, 2018) that she really let herself follow her heart out into the diverse world of her influences.  

     Sprouting from an upbringing of classic-rock, reggae, and blues, it was the folk-rock world where she laid her roots for most of her early career. Her latest album, Little Mirrors (2016) yielded a landscape of rhythmic, soulful, and melodic interweaving. The song “Gentle Eyes” even went on to win a Lennon Award from the world renowned John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and is up for Song of the Year this summer (2018). Presently though, her new tracks are finding their home closer to where the lovely shores of folk meet the deep and moody sea of rock and electro-pop.  

     “This is actually a direction I’ve been pulled in for a while now… these songs have been trying to find their way into the world. It’s just the right time now I guess- I am finally who they needed me to be… ”. As she speaks, her head lists thoughtfully to the side- there is an air of relaxed curiosity about her. “I try to follow where I’m guided, and not force anything that isn’t happening naturally.  I don’t believe you can force creativity. I think that tends to ruin something that could otherwise have a great impact.”  

    The truth in these words may be felt by anyone who has given a spin or two to Preston’s most recent music. The very natural and heartfelt sounds “are rooted in authenticity and reveal insight into the love she shares” (as described by violinist Bridget Law of the band Elephant Revival).  

     Little Mirrors was produced and engineered by Phil Parker, who is himself a songwriter and artist, and cellist for folk sensation Gregory Alan Isakov.  

     Preston’s greatest hope is that her music can stir creative inspiration in the hearts of her fans, and help people in the same way that she says she’s been helped by her own musical loves. Consequently it seems, her creative expression really is the dynamic kind that could give insight into the depths, or uplifting into the heights, of a listener’s experience. If you don’t believe me, try it on for yourself- I’m willing to bet that in some way… she will move you.  

( O.M.O. Publicity 2018 )

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